Lancaster Chamber Singers

Crafting a harmonious brand identity for a vocal ensemble.


The Challenge

Lancaster Chamber Singers, a vocal ensemble based in Pennsylvania, sought a new brand identity to convey their rich heritage and emphasize their commitment to exceptional choral performances. The aim was to bridge generational gaps, connecting with a younger audience of both singers and attendees.

The Solution

A fresh and vibrant brand identity, seamlessly merging their heritage of quality choral performance with renewed energy and vitality.

Skills We Provided

Brand Discovery & Strategy

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Brand Style Direction

Brand Style Guide


Approaching their 45th anniversary, the ensemble saw this milestone as an opportunity to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to progress, showcasing their dedication to advancing quality choral performances into the 21st century.

Simultaneously, they aimed to connect with the upcoming generation of singers and audiences. Balancing the cultivation of new support with the retention of their loyal following, the ensemble sought to position themselves as a strong force in the vibrant Lancaster performing arts scene, infused with renewed energy and identity.

STEP 1: Brand Discovery
We began the process with our brand discovery phase, delving into the vision and mission of the Lancaster Chamber Singers. By asking pertinent questions we identified challenges within their existing brand, notably the need to attract a younger audience and the absence of a cohesive brand image. Distilling these insights, we developed a plan to guide them toward their branding objectives.


STEP 2: Logo Design
Utilizing the findings from the brand discovery, we crafted a new brand identity concept. The presented logo seamlessly integrated musical symbols including a note head and staff, into a distinctive and memorable icon.

A creative touch involved replacing the “C” in Chamber within the logo type with a shape extracted from the brand icon, establishing a connection between the two elements.


STEP 3: Brand Application Design
Additionally, we showcased practical applications of the new logo, creating mockups for an announcement poster, concert program, and website homepage.


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