About Lyndo

A small, nimble brand strategy and design studio based in Central Pennsylvania but serving clients throughout the US and abroad.

We've worked in larger agencies, and we know that while they have their place, many businesses desire the experience of working with a small, nimble and efficient studio. We provide highly specialized branding services along with clear communication throughout the process, working with you as your partner to grow your brand and carve out your place in the market.

Lyndon Gehman Owner

Core Values

These values guide the way we work together and enable us to create effective and beautiful brands.

1. Keep It Simple

Branding is a big undertaking. We understand that. But our #1 goal is to make it an easy process for you. We are committed to walking with you throughout the process and keeping it as simple as possible for you.

2. People Come First

We put our love for people and relationships at the heart of everything we do. Good design looks beatiful, but to be effective it needs to communicate and work for real live humans. 

3. Embrace the Unexpected

For a brand to survive, it needs to differentiate. We believe in finding the differences, even if they are at times unexpected, and building on them.

4. The Pursuit of Excellence

As humans, we are always learning. By constantly pursuing excellence, we believe we can further improve on our service offering, our communication skills and the value we bring to our customers.

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